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I invite you to instantly get access to my 6-week media training program for only $997. You'll learn proven strategies and techniques to ace your next media interview.

Discover Our 3-Part Method for Directing Media Interviews

In this training, I reveal my proven 3-part method for directing media interviews that has enabled my clients to confidently speak with reporters, effectively deliver their messages, no matter what questions are asked, and feel comfortable knowing they're in control.

Learn this powerful technique, so you stay on message and feel confident in your next media interview.

You'll Also Discover...

Abby Daniell Circle_edited.jpg

Abby Daniell | Amazon Web Services, Director

"Mastering Media Interviews online training provides both the new and experienced interviewee something valuable to improve their interview skills. It is definitely worth taking!”

Marek Bute Circle_edited.jpg

Marek Bute | Amazon Web Services, Senior Manager

“Mastering Media Interviews exceeded all expectations. Kerri's video presence is so warm and inviting, she makes it easy to focus on the important content she delivers. A confidence booster for sure!"

Amanda Hainline Circle_edited.jpg

Amanda Hainline | Author and Speaker

“I love the strategies and techniques Kerri shares in this course. They really helped me understand what the media wants and how to get my message across in an interview. The information is easy to understand and to the point."

Bonus - 7 Essential Media Interview Strategies

  • The best way to start every answer

  • How to get the quotes you want in a story

  • What to say if you don't know the answer

  • How to handle tricky questions

  • PLUS: How to avoid embarrassing and common interview mistakes!

7 Essential Media Strategies Image.png
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100% Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident in our media training programs we offer a money back guarantee. If after completing an online course, you do not feel you received value, we will refund the full amount you paid for the course.

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